“Kiss Me and Touch My Breast Before I Give You Bread” — Actor Alexx Ekubo Narrates Encounter With A Female Fan

Handsome Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo has narrated how he was harassed by a female fan because of bread and juice.

While taking to social media recently, Alexx Ekubo told his followers about his dad experience with a female fan at a mall, where he went to buy bread.

According to him, he had been in self isolation since returning to Lagos. And on that day, he decided to quickly dash to a mall nearby and get supplies.

In his words;

“When I got there, I met a huge crowd and only about 15 persons were permitted to go in at a time.
So, I stood there wondering whether to wait or return to my house. And that’s when I spotted a woman with about 15 loaves of bread and 2 cartons of juice coming out of the mall.

Well, I walked up to her to beg her to sell a loaf of bread and juice to me. And she told me, on only one condition. I then asked what it is. And then, to my surprise, she said I’ll have to kiss her and squeeze her left breast before she would sell to me.”

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